KNAUF Moistureshield Panel 15mm


15mm Knauf Moistureshield is a plasterboard manufactured specifically for use in areas of high humidity and exposure to moisture. The core formulation with silicone additive and treated paper liners ensure the boards resistance to the ingress of moisture.
Knauf Moistureshield is typically used for:
  • Linings, partitions and ceilings for bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Substrate for tiling
  • Semi-exposed area
The same installation method as for standard plasterboard should be used. It is easy to cut and shaped and can be screwed directly to Knauf metal sections. Tiles up to 12.5 mm thick with a maximum weight of 32 kg/m2 can be used. Stud centres should be reduced to 400 mm maximum. Tiles can be applied directly to the surface using a waterproof tile adhesive.
  • the paper surface liner is treated to inhibit mould growth
  • the special core formulation results in very low moisture absorption rate
  • high resistance to deformation
Knauf Moistureshield performance refers to:
  • ASTM C 1396
  • BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000
  • BS 1230: Part 1, 1985
  • non combustible to BS 476 : Part 4



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