Maze Rattan – Bliss 8 Seat Rectangular Fire Pit Dining Set – Flanelle

The Bliss 8 Seat Rectangular Dining Set with Fire Pit Table is as opulent as it is simple, the minimalistic stacking chairs are elevated by the quilting detail to create a depth of luxury. This set is taken to another level, with the addition of the Fire Pit Table. This will allow you to extend your enjoyment, long into the evening. All of our Fire Pit systems are CE registered and have a BTU of 50,000 (British Thermal Unit is a unit that measures the heat generated by the burner). On average, depending on the setting used, our Fire Pits will produce approximately 6-7 hours use for a 7KG gas bottle. We recommend using a propane gas bottle, which can be stored underneath the table. Please note the ice bucket feature is not included with this product.

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