Conservation windows

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Roof windows in this category are designed to meet planning requirements in conservation areas, or for the development of historic buildings.Conservation windows
Its characteristic feature is a black vertical mullion bar down the middle of the window and its black cladding. Making it suitable for traditional construction.
Ultimately, this maintains the character of unique, stylised buildings from the outside while simultaneously creating a comfortable, modern interior.
Most of our standard windows are available in this version, including: centre pivot, preSelect (top hung and centre pivot), roof access and raised axis windows.
Conservation windows are manufactured in P2 (as standard) and P5 glazing options but other glazing types can be requested.
RAL 9005.
Two of these conservation options (the FTP and FTW) come complete as a kit with flashing and insulation collars. There are two choices when selecting a kit: ‘V’ and ‘J’. These indicate varying levels at which the roof window can be installed within the roof structure. For example, when choosing a flashing to lift the window by 3cm from the standard ‘V’ level, the N variations will be suitable. On the other hand, ‘V’ is a standard installation level whereas ‘J’ is recessed – 3cm below the ‘N’ level.