Cheshire Moulding Doors

Our Door Ranges Cheshire Mouldings have six ranges of interior doors: the traditional Cheshire, Solid Oak Ledged and Braced, Brindley, Abbotsfield, Modernus. Our popular ranges of engineered doors cater for every taste; each range contains unfinished, pre-finished, glazed and fire doors as well as our new range of Grey and White Primed doors. Whatever your needs when shopping for doors Cheshire Mouldings will have the right one for you.

Cheshire Mouldings are always listening to what our customers say and striving to improve products and services.

There new direct to site or home delivery service takes all the hassle and effort out of servicing the door market.

They hold 30,000 doors in stock ready to be delivered to where and

when you need them.

Using a dedicated specialist courier to prevent damage that guarantees a 2 man carried in service not a kerbside delivery.