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Flooring Chisel 57mm (2.1/4in)

£7.50 Inc Vat - £6.25 Exc Vat

This Footprint Flooring Chisel is a traditional tool for lifting floor boards, chasing plaster etc.

SKU: flooring-chisel-57mm-2-1-4in Categories: ,
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Brick Joint Raker

£9.07 Inc Vat - £7.56 Exc Vat

Used for the removal of old or loose mortar from brickwork pointing by using a robust pin which is adjustable to selected depths. The strong aluminium handle comfortably fits into the hand and it is fitted with hardwearing metal wheels.

SKU: brick-joint-raker Categories: ,
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Single Spare Posthole Digger Handle

£14.17 Inc Vat - £11.81 Exc Vat

Single spare handle for the Faithfull FAIPHD post hole digger. With pre drilled 2 hole fixing.

SKU: single-spare-posthole-digger-handle Categories: ,
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External Building Profile Stabilisers (Pack of 2)

£4.14 Inc Vat - £3.45 Exc Vat

Faithfull stabilisers for use with external building profiles. Help to ensure quick and accurate bricklaying.

SKU: external-building-profile-stabilisers-pack-of-2 Categories: ,
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Drywall Taping Knife Blue Steel 300mm (12in)

£5.32 Inc Vat - £4.43 Exc Vat

The Faithfull drywall taping knives are used for spreading jointing compound and when applying paper or fibreglass drywall tape, to cover joints in plasterboard.

SKU: drywall-taping-knife-blue-steel-300mm-12in Categories: ,
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Posthole Digging Bar With Chisel End 7.7kg 1.75m

£40.75 Inc Vat - £33.96 Exc Vat

The Faithfull 7.7 kg (17 lb) steel Posthole Digging Bar manufactured from high-grade heat-treated steel bar with one chisel point and one tamper head.

SKU: posthole-digging-bar-with-chisel-end-7-7kg-1-75m Categories: ,
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Insulated Crowbar 32mm x 155cm

£51.98 Inc Vat - £43.32 Exc Vat

The Faithfull Insulated Crow Bar is fully insulated and made to BS8020 standards. With a pencil point at one end and a flat chisel edge at the other. The insulated shaft is manufactured using a solid fibreglass core which is coated with an abrasive resistant orange polymer coating.

SKU: insulated-crowbar-32mm-x-155cm Categories: ,
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All-Steel Folding Shovel Round Blade

£9.13 Inc Vat - £7.61 Exc Vat

The Faithfull FAIASFSROUND all-steel folding shovel round blade folds compactly for easy storage and can be used (locked) in three positions for use as a shovel, pick or trench. It is ideal for digging, levelling ground, removing rubble, grubbing or scraping and can be easily stored in the car for winter emergencies.

SKU: all-steel-folding-shovel-round-blade Categories: ,
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