Garden Building Buying Guide

The first point to consider when buying a garden building is what will you be using this space for? Many of our customers use log cabins and summerhouses as garden offices.They allow you to work from home but still separate you home and work life. These are also used as entertainment rooms, either as extra space for your children or as an extra space in the garden to entertain your guests. When deciding between a log cabin and a summerhouse security is a major concern. Log Cabins are considered to be more secure because they are constructed using tongue and groove cladding. Many of our summerhouses are built using the same cladding offering similar benefits. Tongue and groove cladding also helps to keep the building warm, this is extremely important if you are thinking of using your building all year round.


Both types of garden buildings also make excellent home gyms. Home gyms can take up a lot of room in the house so having one in the garden saves space in your home. Choosing a corner summerhouse or log cabin is a fantastic way to use up that extra bit of space in the corner of your garden without compromising on any interior space.  If you only have a few pieces of equipment then a summerhouse is a good option as these are available in smaller sizes. We advice those who need extra space to accommodate larger equipment to consider a log cabin. 


Again, security needs to be considered when building a garden gym. Most log cabins and summerhouses come with pre-fitted locks, however, always make sure that all windows are secure. Garden building alarms are available and are specially designed to be used on these products.


 Once you have decided what you want to use your garden building for, you can then think about the style of building you might need or want. Summerhouses are available in various sizes and in many styles, ranging from the very traditional to a more modern feel. Log cabins also come in a range of styles, but the majority have a more traditional feel.


We offer various types of cladding to suit various  styles and budgets. Our range of overlap,  shiplap and premium cladding summerhouses  are designed and manufacture in the UK. Log cabins usually use tongue and groove cladding throughout the entire building, including floor and roof.

The main difference between log cabins and  summerhouses is the size. Summerhouses tend to come in smaller sizes to fit in the average size garden whereas, a log cabin are much larger buildings taking up a lot of space in your garden.  Budget is also a major factor when trying to decide between a log cabin and a summerhouse. Due to their size, log cabins are usually more expensive than summerhouses. 

Both types of buildings have similar installation and maintenance requirements, but remember the bigger the building the more maintenance it will need. A garden building is an investment so always plan for the future. 


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